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HiPERFLOOR is a concrete floor finishing system that is uniquely developed by Husqvarna. Once complete HiPERFLOOR enhances the beauty strength and abrasion of concrete floors while reducing maintenance.

With spectacular design and performance properties, HiPERFLOOR can be used in a broad range of both new or old construction. Architectural houses, warehouses manufacturing plants, showrooms and other retail, commercial & domestic environments can all benefit from HiPERFLOOR.


All topical coatings

With over 15 years of coating experience, whether it be a water-base, solvent base or two pack epoxy finish you require revolution has extensive knowledge and experience with topical coatings to ensure the correct products is applied to your project.


Feature polished concrete

There‚Äôs no better way to compliment your polished concrete floor than to have polished concrete kitchen bench tops or a polished concrete fire hearth to match your beautiful floor. At revolution we can tailor finish to your feature concrete to suit both your budget and taste from the basic grind & seal finish (usually outdoor projects) right up too full HiPERFLOOR eg kitchen bench-tops & fire hearths.


Exposed driveways- pavilion finish

Pavilion finish is the ultimate outdoor finish, this is achieved by grinding the surface to expose the stone, then acid etched to re-texture the surface to make it smooth under foot but its a non slip finish. its great for those outdoor areas where no shoes are worn, finished off with a Matt sealer to prevent staining, this the perfect outdoor finish.


Coating & Glue removals off concrete

if you have an old concrete slab where there has been vinyl, carpet tiles, ceramic tiles  or any coating down, revolution can remove any coating and leave the surface clean ready for which ever surface is chosen to put down.


Preparation grinds, slab levelling

In a lot of cases that we have found when we come to an old commercial or residential concrete slabs there are many inconsistencies with floor heights. At revolution we can grind out any high spots and fill any of the hollows in the floor to leave a flat surface on your concrete floor to make it much easier to apply any flooring substrate.


Rain affected concrete slabs

Even with today's modern technology there is the odd case where a concreter may get caught out with the weather and the top surface of the slab is damaged and left unsuitable to stick tiles too. We can remove the top surface which is damaged and leave the concrete ready for any building application. 

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