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Polished Concrete Floors Hawthorn

Polished Concrete Flooring! It’s what everybody is talking about and Revolution can help bring your new quality floors to life.

Servicing Hiperfloors to Hawthorn and surrounds, Revolution is a company you can rely on. HiPERFLOOR is a concrete floor finishing system uniquely developed by Husqvarna. Once complete HiPERFLOOR enhances the beauty, strength and abrasion of concrete floors while reducing maintenance.

With spectacular design and performance properties, polished concrete flooring can be used in a broad range of both new and old construction. Architectural houses, warehouses, manufacturing plants, showrooms and other retail, commercial & domestic environments can all benefit from HiPERFLOOR. You can clean the floor with only hot water & a micro fiber cloth; with heavily soiled floors all that is needed is a ph neutral cleaner which is also eco friendly choice and healthier for the family.

For Hawthorn concrete polished floors, Revolution is there for you. Whether it’s a commercial, industrial or residential project, Revolution has the knowledge and machinery to achieve amazing service and a brilliant finished product.

Our services for concrete domestic, retail & commercial projects include: 

• Hiperfloor
• Complete Husqvarna polished concrete flooring range
• Water base finishes
• Solvent base finishes
• 2 pack epoxy
• Polished concrete bench tops 
• Glue removal off concrete
• Slab levelling/ preparation grinding
• Acid etching (exposed driveways)
• Grind & seal

• Pavilion finish
• Concrete polishing and grinding Hawthorn


For Hawthorn polished concrete floor work and Hawthorn polished concrete bench tops - please give us a call for a quote today.